Gladman are back - June 2018


As we have been expecting over the last few months, Gladmans have
started a consultation on a revised application for Craythorne Road
for 385 houses and space for a school.

We believe nothing has changed since they lost at appeal only 20
months ago. The council say they still have a 5 year plan to build the
housing target it has been allocated. There are other housing
developments in the plan for future years that continue to meet the
housing needs in the area, with the appropriate infrastructure to
support those developments. This application will conflict with the
Stretton Neighbourhood Plan, the East Staffs Local Plan and would lose
good quality agricultural land.

Until the application is submitted to the council and validated we
cannot be clear on the other areas of concern we have. From the
leaflet we see the major change from last application is the resiting
of the space for a school and the sustainable draining systems.

The school is a chicken and egg issue, according to Staffordshire
County Council a school is needed if Gladmans get planning permission
at Craythorne Road or BeamHill Grange. If they don’t get planning
permission they believe they have enough school spaces for the current
projected building.

We cannot see how 385 houses and a school in this location won’t have
a major negative impact on the traffic through Stretton. Already we
have problems at our junctions and the A38 and we know 1,800 houses
are still to be built in the local area. This excludes the other
speculative application Gladman’s have on BeamHill Road for 600

Gladman’s main argument is they dispute the ESBC 5 year supply of
housing and they take a very pessimistic view of the Councils housing
pipeline and argue that the houses will not be built to the schedule.
As an example at the inquiry two years ago they argued the council
were wrong to add any houses in the plan for Barton Marina and these
should all be excluded. A few weeks later the council approved them
and most of them are now built.

As soon as the application has been validated by the council, SOS will
review the documents and we will send you a note of our concerns.

We are aware that many people will have their own concerns on specific
areas and we think it will be important to put these into objections
to East Staffs, we will let you know when the ESBC planning
consultation starts.

Gladmans lost before and we believe we can win again.
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Graham Lamb
Save our Stretton